Why Clients Choose to Work with Us
Clients often mention the following as reasons why they have chosen to work with us:

  • Many of our clients find our present-day financial world complicated and oftentimes intimidating, and prefer to rely on us to effectively manage risk and safeguard their investments.
  • Some clients are quite capable of managing their own investments but prefer to have us do so, so they have more time available for family and other pursuits.
  • Our clients often find themselves overwhelmed by all the financial media info they receive.  They have a good sense for their needs, but prefer to utilize us to help them achieve their goals.
  • Clients prefer to receive advice from a reputable independent advisor that is not constrained by potential conflicts of interest—such as being in the business of (or receiving commissions for) selling mutual funds, insurance, or other financial products (practices we avoid).
  • Many clients understand commercial banks and large brokerage firms often charge much higher fees and impose a variety of expenses on client accounts, while offering lower quality service.  Clients would rather work with us because we are cost-effective and provide better service.
  • Many clients face important financial decisions or life changes and would like the benefit of competent financial professionals to assist them.
  • Some of our family clients prefer to engage a trusted adviser to provide objective advice from outside the family to avoid internal-family quarrels, and provide long-term continuity.
  • Clients value our strong professional backgrounds, and our commitment to the highest professional standards and level of integrity.