An effective investment program provides a strong underpinning for financial success.  Unfortunately, for far too many, this foundation is not always present, or may be missing entirely from their financial lives.

We understand today’s financial marketplace is fast-paced, oftentimes confusing, and potentially overwhelming.  Heads of households and even very successful business executives may feel overwhelmed by misleading financial industry advertisements and the deluge of daily financial media information. 

We work with you in a professional and disciplined manner to develop and oversee on your behalf investment portfolio(s) specifically designed for your situation.  A well-designed portfolio takes into account your financial objectives, your risk tolerance and your investment time horizon.

We utilize industry-wide best practices and academically rigorous financial principles to build and oversee your investments.  Some of the key principles we adhere to include the following:

  • Fundamental Analysis.  Fundamental analysis is a method for evaluating public company’s shares and other investments by examining their economic, financial and other quantitative and qualitative features.  We use fundamental analysis to extensively evaluate every investment in our client portfolios.
  • Risk Management.  We take a proactive approach to risk management.  We use a variety of means to implement effective investment portfolio asset allocation and diversification (discussed further below).  In addition, where appropriate, we employ investment tools—such as financial derivatives—to further minimize risk.  Finally, we utilize several financial and statistical methods to measure overall portfolio risk, and, where appropriate, periodically make additional investment changes to further protect client investment portfolios.
  • Diversification.  Diversification is a primary means by which we mitigate (or minimize) risk for our client portfolios.  We ensure every client portfolio (where appropriate) is comprised of a variety of different investments—with the objective of finding strong investment opportunities with low correlation to one another.
  • Asset Allocation.  Within our diversified investment portfolios, we allocate investment capital among different types of investment assets (e.g., domestic, international and emerging markets stocks, corporate bonds, U.S. Treasury bonds etc.).  This is the most effective way to achieve overall investment portfolio diversification.
  • Long-term Investing.  By focusing on long-term investment performance, we strive to maximize investment returns, and not get distracted by short-term financial news or events that could prevent our clients from achieving their long-term objectives.
  • Tax Efficiency.  We work to minimize taxes and maximize after tax investment returns by focusing on long-term investment gains, minimizing short-term investments, and by utilizing tax efficient investment vehicles whenever possible.
  • Minimizing Expenses. At every stage of the investment process, we do our utmost to minimize fees and ensure our clients get the greatest possible return for every dollar invested.